Recommendations from health care

Habilitation & Health at Stockholm County Council
Children’s Logoped Reception in Västra Götaland Region 
Logopederna at Drottning Silvia’s Children’s and Youth Hospital in Gothenburg

Testimonies from users:

“Our 4 year old eats a maximum of about 10-15 different things, and at the moment it feels like he’s just eating pancakes. Until yesterday when we went out for a pancake break (because he just got a pancake and then we wanted him to eat some pasta) tested POOW for the first time. And he ate up all pasta and 2 meatballs! Totally amazing. I would like to thank you so much. He has no diagnosis (yet) so this app is the first support and tool we’ve come into contact with. Awesome!” 
/ Mom to 4-year-old son.

“We have already had success with  tiny cucumber pieces and are overjoyed.”
/ Dad to 5 year old daughter with selective eating disorder.

“He used the app in situations when he did not want to eat anything at all. Thanks to the game he went from eating zero to eating a little bit so we were satisfied. We missed this app when he was younger. A superhero appeals to the children and works like the clock as a distraction from the discomfort that occurs at the meal.
/ Mom to 8-year-old son who was suffering from eating disorders already when he was 3 months old and today has difficulty with different consistences, tastes and smells.

“My daughter who is having trouble with the food has begun to eat more thanks to the app. Awesome work done by you!”
/ Mom to daughter with eating disorders.

“Thanks, please, for this amazing app. Our son has SÄ diagnosis (acronym for selective eating disorder in Swedish), we got a lot of help from POOW.”
/ Mom to son with SÄ  diagnosis (acronym for selective eating disorder in Swedish).

“Best rating from the boy. – “Can we play this game every day …?” Was his comment! Thanks! There will probably even be leaf spinach that will be staying down shortly”
/Mom to son with eating disorders.

“We have acquired the app for our business and I look forward to using it in my work.”
/Marie Börjesson, speech therapist at Drottning Silvia’s child and youth hospital.